Balancing Indulgence And Health On Vacation 

For most people, vacation is the time to let go of all the healthy strings attached and indulge to heart’s content. 

However, this always leads to guilt afterward, doesn’t it?

Healthy eating habits, a regular sleep routine, and reminders to stay hydrated are not a one-off affair – it’s a lifestyle. 

With that said, there’s no denying that vacation comes with its own stresses with the new environment, a new diet, and a lot of indulgence. 

You don’t need to stop yourself from indulging, but it’s essential to have a mindful approach. 

The point is – don’t get carried away to the point that you need to starve yourself for the next couple of months to get all those extra pounds off. 

Focus on Balanced Nutrition

You’ll be surrounded by decadent foods on your travels, and it can be challenging for even the most disciplined individuals to restrict themselves. 

There’s no need to deprive yourself, but try to achieve a balance. Focus on nutrient-dense foods like lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

Manage your portion sizes, and savor each bite rather than hogging away or indulging in distracted eating habits. 

It becomes much easier to keep track of your calorie consumption using calorie counter apps.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important when traveling as it helps with digestion and keeps your energy levels high. 

However, you may forget to drink enough water during hectic travel schedules or when engrossed in festivities, surrounded by friends and loved ones during holidays. Keep a reminder to drink water every few hours, ensuring you stay hydrated. 

Drinking enough water becomes all the more vital if you’re consuming alcoholic beverages, as alcohol dehydrates your body.

Indulge Mindfully 

So, you booked your stay at a lovely hotel and walked into a breakfast buffet with tons of your favorite dishes – what do you do? 

Do you indulge mindlessly and spoil the rest of your day? This is where most people fail and end up indulging mindlessly. 

Eyeing a dessert? Tempted by a dish? Want to have a snack? Go for it, share it with your friend or companion, or order a smaller portion. If these options aren’t possible, eat half and get the remaining as a takeaway. 

It does need a lot of self-control and discipline, but if you want to stay in shape, travel the world, and live healthy, these are the choices you must make. 

Portion Control 

This point is an extension of indulging mindfully, but its relevance requires a separate point itself!

Portion control is one of the key elements to controlling your weight, watching your calorie consumption, and ensuring you indulge guilt-free. 

To start with, don’t go for heaping your plate sky-high if it’s a buffet. Choose healthier foods from the available options, help yourself with smaller portions, and think twice before going for a second helping. The second helpings are mostly temptations disguised as hunger.

If you’re at a restaurant, sharing and splitting dishes with your friends or family members is a great idea. If the portions are large, divide the portion and get the other half packed as a takeaway. And order smaller portions, wherever available!

Prioritize Physical Activity 

It is quite possible that your travel already requires you to walk a lot. But, if not, you must prioritize including physical activity in your day one way or the other. 

It can be hitting the in-house gym at your hotel, walking a few blocks around your hotel in the morning, or simply doing some freestyle exercises in your room. 

If these options are not for you, try doing yoga in your room, on the beach, on the hotel’s terrace, or your room’s balcony!

The point is to pace up your pulse rate and sweat generously. Engaging in some form of physical activity is good for your overall well-being and health and helps boost your mood and energy levels. 


Unless you’re a sports personality, athlete, or celebrity, you don’t really have to cage yourself into a fixed diet with specific macros, especially when you’re on vacation. 

It’s okay to take a break from your mundane routine when on vacation and indulge mindfully, but don’t overdo it. 

Enjoy all the good things about vacation, including sumptuous food, decadent desserts, fresh cocktails, and more, without going overboard. And that’s what your focus should be for guilt-free traveling and living healthy!