Traveler’s Guide to Organic Eating

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys, but it can potentially get in the way of your healthy eating habits.

There’s no doubt that organic eating is one of the healthiest options to stay fit and healthy and avoid all the chemicals that go into fertilizer-based farming.

However, organic lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you’re globe-trotting.

Thankfully, with little research and careful planning, you can indulge in organic and healthy foods no matter where you go on the planet.

Research Well

It’s important to research and plan your travel to ensure you don’t find yourself in the middle of a nutritional wasteland.

Ask in advance if the hotel you’re planning to stay in has organic options, if there is an organic food store nearby, if there is any farmer’s market near the hotel, and if there are any restaurants nearby serving organic dishes.

If the hotel staff can’t answer all these queries, rest assured Google will. There’s tons of information available online to help you plan your travel well without compromising on your organic lifestyle.

Farmer’s Markets

Local farmer’s markets are present in just about every town and city across the globe. So, no matter where you travel, you should be able to locate one nearby.

Make it a habit to always book your accommodation near your hotel to easily stock up on local produce and taste the local flavors from the region’s organic bounty.

If you can’t find local farmer’s markets, rest assured most supermarkets these days have an entire section dedicated to organic produce. Look out for organic labels on items you purchase!

Pack Organic

If you’re taking a flight, packing smart snacks on the go, like organic nuts or even a salad, is a great idea. Just know that you need to gobble up the salad before arriving at your international destination, as carrying fruits and vegetables to a new country is ideally not allowed.

Some of the organic whole food packs or dry staples you can keep with you are trail mix, teas, coffee, protein bars, cereals, pasta, snacks, etc.

Packing your own organic fruits, snacks, nut butter, roasted chickpeas, and organic salads for your travel helps you resist the temptation to stop by fast food restaurants. It also ensures you’ve something handy whenever the hunger pangs knock!

Organic Chocolate

One of the best ways to eat organic while traveling is to have a bunch of organic chocolate bars, nutrition bars, granola bars, etc.

They’re high in nutrients, contain natural sugar and tons of fiber, and are good for your gut health.

Canned Lentils

One of the organic dinner options is to stack up on salt and sugar-free canned lentil boxes. Top it with tons of tomatoes and green veggies, and squeeze a lemon before polishing it off.

Trust me, it’s a guilt-free indulgence without letting go of your organic lifestyle!

Cook Yourself

Booking rooms with a kitchenette allows you to cook yourself during your travel, reduce food expenses, and eat organic and healthy at the same time.

Buy local organic vegetables and spices to dish out some easy organic recipes, and there are tons of quick organic meals you can choose from.

Organic Eateries

Thanks to the growing awareness among the people, the number of organic eateries popping up lately has been growing rapidly. No matter where you’re traveling, chances are you’ll find an organic eatery nearby.

It’s a good idea to research beforehand and book accommodation that’s within walking distance of an organic eatery to ensure you don’t have to worry about meals during your travel.

If no organic eateries are nearby, ask the available restaurants if they can make alterations as per your requests. Many local restaurants may have some local organic produce they can use to make quick bites for you.


Maintaining an organic lifestyle while traveling is certainly challenging, depending mostly on where you’re traveling. But the good news is that organic options are becoming increasingly available worldwide!

So, pack your bags and keep exploring, and you’ll be able to find organic eats wherever you go with a bit of research and planning beforehand.

Bon Voyage!