Managing Portion Sizes While Eating Out

As controversial as it may sound, one of the most under-talked drugs in today’s world is ‘food.’

Yes, nearly 3 million people die each year due to obesity or illnesses caused directly due to being overweight.

Healthy eating is the key to living a healthy and fit life, and mindful eating ensures you don’t experience any major health fallouts common today.  Portion control plays a crucial role in weight management and overall health.

If you travel frequently, there’s a good chance that you will be tempted to indulge quite often.

There’s no doubt that eating out, trying new local cuisines, and sampling local delicacies and street food is part of the travel adventure; overindulging can kill the fun in way more than one.

As a travel enthusiast, you must already be aware of the aftereffects of overindulging. It makes you feel sluggish and fatigued and will certainly derail your health goals.

The trick is to manage portion sizes smartly, and this article is all about tips on how to do it!

Share and Split

Whether you’re dining with your partner, friends, or family, it’s always wiser to share the main course or simply opt for appetizers and sides for a lighter meal.

Sharing is a great strategy because most restaurants are notorious for offering supersized portions. As tempting or good ‘value for money’ as it may seem, it’s almost never good for your health unless it’s a salad without the dressing!


Why waste food when you can simply take it along with you?

Simply divide the meal into half and ask for the remaining to be packed as a takeaway.

Doing this before beginning the meal restricts you from overindulging while ensuring the other half of the food is clean and untouched.

Eat the other half of the food later, or simply give it away to the ones who need it!

Power of ‘No’

As clichéd as it may sound, learn to say ‘No’ to yourself!

Say no to the temptation to polish off the entire portion or that complimentary bread basket.

Saying no and controlling portions is crucial for avoiding overeating when dining out. If your friends are insisting, a polite refusal will help prevent you from mindless snacking.

If your friends are insisting, a polite refusal will help prevent you from mindless snacking.

Order Smaller Portions

No matter where you travel, most of the restaurants and food outlets have options for smaller portions.

If this requires you to order from the children’s menu, why not?

Salads Are Your Best Friends

No amount of salads (without dressing) is too much. Order a salad as your side, and eat it before the meal to feel fuller faster.

Salads are rich in fiber, help curb your appetite greatly, and are also good for your gut health.

Avoid Distracted Eating

Whether you’re with a group of friends watching the much-awaited football game or dining alone while traveling, avoid distracted eating.

Many people often engage in endless scrolling on social media or watch their favorite show while eating out, which is the case with most solo travelers. And it always prevents you from mindful eating, leading to eating more than you need.

Be Selective with Seconds

Ask yourself before going for a second helping – Do I need this because I am hungry, or are you overindulging?

There’s no problem if you really need it, but avoid overindulging or overeating. The trick is to assess your hunger levels before going for seconds.

Final Takeaway

Eating out has become a lifestyle choice most of us make almost too frequently these days, irrespective of whether we are traveling or not.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself, but ensure you’re mindful about what you’re putting in your body. One element of mindfulness in eating is managing portion sizes.

The above-mentioned tips will certainly help you manage your portion sizes and ensure you know when to stop, avoid the temptations, and feel satiated without feeling stuffed!